Remembering Mike Prescod

Several community workers have been praised for there work in promoting community cohesion and racial equality in Wellingborough. However, one name has stood out! The late Mike Prescod, who worked in a variety of community-focused roles in Wellingborough as part of his career and voluntary commitments.

Mike Prescod
Mike Prescod MBE 1938-2010

Mike’s contributions to the community and achievements included:

  • First Black Mayor of Wellingborough
  • Northamptonshire County Council’s ethnic minority social worker
  • Chair of Wellingborough Black Consortium
  • President of Wellingborough African-Caribbean Association (and instrumental in its creation)
  • Chairman of Northamptonshire Probation Service
  • Vice-President of Wellingborough Racial Equality Council
  • Director at The Castle Theatre.
  • Instrumental in establishing the Victoria Centre
  • Labour Councillor for Wellingborough
  • First Black Mayor of Wellingborough
  • He was also awarded an MBE and Honorary Degree from The University of Northampton

Christine reflected on Mike’s aims for community cohesion and how he is unforgettable! “I remember Mike Prescod, as well. Can’t forget him!  Gotta mention him, regardless!  He was always that advocate, that champion. He always used to say something about, He’s not anti-white, he’s pro-Black.  Again, that’s about, OK. We want to make sure things are better.  We’re not saying we want to make it worse for other people cos you know, it’s a balancing act, isn’t it? It’s almost like, if you’re pro-White then you’re anti-whatever.  He wanted a community that worked together, that kind of community cohesion, where everybody understood each other.” Christine Collymore (Interviewed 06 October 2017)


Anjona highlighted some of Mike’s achievements and commitments including being Mayor and creating Wellingborough’s Party in the Park. “He was one of the few Black Mayors at the time in the country and did quite a lot about embedding things within the civic process, to make sure that diversity was always there. So things like planting the Anne Frank tree in Swanspool Gardens has become a focus to Holocaust Memorial activity in the town. Doing things like establishing Party in the Park, which wasn’t there before, so that there was something more around the carnival, which gave an opportunity for Afro-Caribbean communities in Wellingborough to have a raised positive profile around celebrating culture. So historically, quite a lot has gone on. I think in general, there is quite a lot of distance between politicians and communities in Wellingborough.” Anjona Roy (Interviewed September 2017)

Mike in 2016, outside the Victoria Centre