Diverse Leadership

Over the years, developments in Wellingborough’s community cohesion have been improved when Community Leaders have come forward from different racial and religious backgrounds, to represent underrepresented communities and fight for diversity in community groups and services. This is essential to ensure everyone feels valued and to prevent breakdowns in communication between different groups.

Andrew explained the importance of community representatives being as diverse as local communities. He was mindful that we can not speak on behalf of people whose shoes we have not walked in. Therefore, it is important that there are always leaders from different backgrounds. “I was, for many years, a Treasurer at Victoria Centre and I’ve been a member ever since I came to Wellingborough.  I remember having it very forcibly explained to me by the late Councillor Mike Prescod, that while the Victoria Centre was a highly esteemable organisation, (he thought it was a good thing), it could not speak for Minority Ethnic People.  The only people who can speak for Minority Ethnic People were Minority Ethnic People and while our assistance was very much appreciated, we needed to understand that we at the Victoria Centre could not enunciate on behalf of Wellingborough’s Hindu Indian community, Wellingborough’s Afro-Caribbean community. It needed Leaders in those communities to make those points.  And never ever forget that!” Andrew Scarborough