We have attended and organised a variety of events over the past 2 years. Below is just a sample of some of the events.

End of Project Exhibition 28 May 2018
Wellingborough’s community came together for our free end of project exhibition on 28 May 2018. There was an opportunity to read transcripts, listen to oral history interviews and more. The evening included food, poetry and guest speakers discussing experiences of racism, the law and more. The event was opened by the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire. There was poetry from 3 local poets who shared poems about self-identity and the Windrush Generation. This was followed by a talk from Suresh Grover, Director of The Monitoring Group. Suresh shared his professional experience of supporting people who had experienced hate crime and institutionalised racism. The evening concluded with talks from two people from Wellingborough who had successfully brought racial discrimination claims against their employers. The evening was a great opportunity for members of Wellingborough’s community to share their experiences and knowledge. Everyone enjoyed the event so much that we overrun by an hour!

Exhibition at The University of Northampton on 12th April 2018
This event was hosted in partnership with the History Departments conference exploring the teaching of fascism and extremism. A variety of professionals attended ranging from academics, civil servants and charity workers. Therefore, it was a fantastic opportunity for raising awareness about the project’s research.

History Students Research Exhibition at The University of Northampton on Wednesday 28th March 2018                                                                    

This event was organised by the History Department to showcase the student’s research during their work placements. Three of these student’s had recently volunteered on the Race Act 40 project for 2 months. During their work placement, they had access to the Searchlight Archive at the university. Volunteers explored the archive to identify fascist materials that scrutinised the Race Relations Act 1976 and its predecessors. They discovered lots of resources that added context to our oral history project. Their research was then presented at this end of project exhibition. (We will be sharing some of their research shortly.)

History Students

Holocaust Memorial Day at The University of Northampton on 24th January 2018
The memorial began with everyone gathering by the Anne Frank & Stephen Lawrence Tree, despite the rain. Our Project Manager shared some of the project’s research during a talk at The University of Northampton’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day event. The Keynote Speaker was Prof. Aristotle Kallis. Siobhan Hyland, a PhD student also shared her research on fascism.

Approaches to Inequalities: Whose Business is it? Conference at The University of Northampton on 20th September 2017
We were invited to attend this conference to discuss the project’s research. We discussed “Recording Racial Inequality & Intolerance in Wellingborough” and enjoyed hearing other speakers discuss their research on racism and inequality. Here is a copy of the Conference Programme.

Focus Forum-History of Migration in Wellingborough 
This focus forum was held at Azuka in Wellingborough on 13th June 2017 at 12 pm. Different members of the community came along to discuss the history of migration in Wellingborough. Attendees expressed an interest in us creating a future research project to focus on this topic. (Watch this space!)

Northampton Annual Holocaust Memorial Lecture-‘British Anti-Semitism from the Inside’ Presented by author Francis Beckett.
This event was hosted by Northampton Hebrew Congregation and was supported by Northamptonshire Rights & Equality Council (and the Race Act 40 project), Northamptonshire Historical Association and The University of Northampton History Department.francis

This lecture was led by Francis Beckett, famous author, journalist, broadcaster, playwright and contemporary historian. His nineteen books include the biographies of four Prime Ministers, and he has edited a series of 20 biographies, Prime Ministers of the Twentieth Century.

His latest book “Fascist in the Family: The Tragedy of John Beckett M.P” is about his fascist father John Beckett. John was a rising political star. Elected as Labour’s youngest M.P. in 1924, he was constantly in the news and tipped for greatness. Ten years later he was propaganda chief for Mosley’s fascists, and one of Britain’s three best-known anti-Semites.

International Women’s Day-March 2017
On the 4th March 2017, we had a stall at the Guildhall, Northampton.

Izzy rec

Roots ‘n’ Groove-Black History Quiz and Night of Entertainment
This event was held on Saturday 25 February 2017, at Wellingborough African Caribbean Association (WACA). The event was to mark black history month. It was held in partnership with WACA and Northamptonshire Black History Association. Further information about this event can be found on our blog page.

roots groove pic

British Television and the Holocaust (The University of Northampton on 25th January 2017)
The event was organised by The University of Northampton History Department. The main guest speaker was Dr James Jordan. He discussed ‘British Television and the Holocaust’. His work draws together his considerable expertise in Holocaust studies and education, post-war Britain, museums and public history, film and television studies, history, race and racism. There was also a presentation about the Race Act 40 project.

HMD outside