Project Team

Paid Team Members

Siobhan Tatum (Project Manager), supported by the Project Researcher


The project has been supported by many individuals including the following people who have assisted us as volunteers with conducting research and organising events:

Becky Campion

Carrie Masters

Emma Samuroff

Eugene Dalton-Ruark


Habeebah Elegbede

Harry Hawkey

Karen Turner-Hawes

Kwesi Asaase-Koranchie

Linda Dyer

Marcia Lobban

Nick Pollard

Norma Watson

Rebekah Williams

Ruby Sobanska

Ruchira Pounds

Samia Majid

Stephanie Richards

Shazia Begum

Therese Dinh

Volunteer Testimonies

We love these testimonies from some of our volunteers.

“The project has been a really insightful experience for me. As somebody of mixed heritage I’ve loved hearing other people’s stories and about the history of our multicultural borough. The skills I’ve learnt whilst on this project have boosted my CV and academic abilities which have been invaluable.” Ruby Sobanska (Law Student at UoN)

“I enjoyed working on the project as it was informative to what life was like for people living in my lifetime and that it will be left for others to hear.” Marcia Lobban (Volunteer)

Marcia Lobban Volunteer

“I enjoyed being a volunteer on the Race Act 40 research project as it was good to be part of a group project. I helped do the oral history summaries and it was very interesting to listen and hear about different people’s lives.” Karon Turner-Hawes (Volunteer)

“I enjoyed my time as a volunteer helping to record some of the oral histories of the people of Wellingborough telling their story of discrimination. I was pleased with the training that we received which was delivered in a professional manner.  I enjoyed our visits to Wellingborough Museum, Northampton County Archive, The University of Northampton and various workshops relating to the oral history project.” Linda Dyer (Volunteer)


Professional Support

We would also like to thank DR Paul Jackson, DR Caroline Nielsen and Daniel Jones from The University of Northampton. They have supported our research project over the past two years as critical friends and have assisted us in promoting volunteer opportunities to history students. The Law Department at The University of Northampton has also supported the project by promoting volunteer placements. A student Intern was also funded for 4 weeks through the Santander SME Internship Programme in 2017.